Some people never learn

Katherine Lopez can’t get enough of the Bush family:

In conversation, at least one experienced political hand agrees that conservatives might vote for the 53-year-old term-limited governor—the first Republican governor reelected in the Sunshine State’s history. “At the end of the day, conservatives are looking for a leader with a proven record of accomplishment, an intellectual understanding of, and commitment to, conservative values with the skill and energy to lead the country in a conservative direction. Jeb is one of the few potential candidates who meets all of those criteria.” Jeb might be just what demoralized conservatives want and need….

There’s nothing in the Constitution prohibiting people who have too many family members who’ve been elected to the job. Nor should there be. As one Floridian recently e-mailed me, “I’m against these familial dynasties, but in the Bushes’ case, they’ve saved the best for last, and I see no reason to punish ourselves by not electing a capable Jeb, just because his father and brother were mixed successes at best.”

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? As if Jeb wouldn’t sell out conservatives every bit as fast as his father and brother. I hope the Republicans do nominate him, it would demonstrate once and for all what a complete fraud the American electoral system is.

Vote for anyone you like, as long as their name is Bush or Clinton.