Derbyshire on the apocalypse of immigration

We are all Meximericans now, if the Senate and President get their way:

I’m just scratching the surface here. The stupidity and rottenness of CIRA is really beyond the ability of a single human mind to encompass it.

And for Republicans, the most shocking, most shameful thing of all, is that this act to vastly swell the number of future Democratic voters, to bring about “the greatest expansion of the welfare state in 35 years” (Robert Rector), to kick working-class Americans in the teeth, to render meaningless the very concepts of our nation and our citizenship — in fact, to shove U.S. citizens off the sidewalk so that foreigners can be awarded special privilieges not available to us — this appalling monstrosity was cheered through by a Republican Senate at the urging of a Republican president. For shame, for shame, for shame.

I will not vote for any politician who helped pass this bill; I will not vote for any politician who says so much as a word in its favor — make that a syllable — and I will not even vote for any politician who agrees to go into conference on this horror. How big are Capitol Hill garbage bins? That’s the only place this heap of dreck belongs.

For some time now, I’ve said that one day, people will eventually begin to understand that we do not have a two-party system, we have a bi-factional ruling party. It only comes together to ignore the Great Unwashed in moments of great importance, like when it is ramping up for another major assault on national sovereignty.

Naturally, Katherine Lopez and some of the other bootlickers at NRO are much more interested in discussing classic rock than contemplating the reality of the Republican betrayal of America. But once the moment passes, they’ll resume the usual “Democrats are Super-scary” theme in a futile attempt to salvage the November elections for their preferred ruling party faction.

One day finally seems to have arrived for Mr. Derbyshire. I wonder when it will arrive for you?