ID the would-be Nazi

Mad As Hell is very upset:

But…but…the nazis did it!
So we can too! So said Vox Day on WorldNut Daily a week or so back. ‘Vox Day’ is, of course, a play on ‘Vox Dei,’ that is, ‘Voice of God’ in Latin. What an arrogant, ignorant, pretentious little wanker. Unless he was thinking of the Argentinian rock band of the same name. In which case he’s an arrogant, ignorant, pretentious little wanker.

In support of his case, he cites New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, famous for his hate for smoking and his love for children and animals….

Bloomberg Says Plan to Deport Millions Is ‘Ridiculous’ – New York Times

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in his most scathing attack to date on legislation working its way through Congress, declared a House proposal to deport 11 million illegal immigrants “pure fantasy” and called parts of a Senate plan “no less ridiculous.” “You have to wonder what world Congress is living in,” the New York City mayor said in an interview on CNN. “Talk to any mayor who has to enforce the law and you’ll find that none of these things are remotely possible.”

What Mr. Bloomberg considers possible, however, is this:

Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg thrust himself into the national immigration debate Wednesday, advocating a plan that would establish a DNA or fingerprint database to track and verify all legal U.S. workers.

The mayor also said elements of the legislation moving through Congress are ridiculous and said lawmakers who want to deport all illegal immigrants are living in a “fantasy.”

In an editorial for The Wall Street Journal and two nationally televised interviews, the mayor reiterated his long-standing belief that the 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States should be given the opportunity for citizenship, saying that deporting them is impossible and would devastate the economy.

So, deporting illegals is an impossible and ridiculous fantasy, various historical examples of successful mass deportations notwithstanding, while tracking the DNA of American citizens and legal residents is not only practical, but downright desirable. We might as well chip everyone while getting those samples, don’t you think?

You see, forced implant technology and DNA-tracking is morally acceptable, because the Nazis didn’t do either.