Some people never learn

Katherine Lopez can’t get enough of the Bush family:

In conversation, at least one experienced political hand agrees that conservatives might vote for the 53-year-old term-limited governor—the first Republican governor reelected in the Sunshine State’s history. “At the end of the day, conservatives are looking for a leader with a proven record of accomplishment, an intellectual understanding of, and commitment to, conservative values with the skill and energy to lead the country in a conservative direction. Jeb is one of the few potential candidates who meets all of those criteria.” Jeb might be just what demoralized conservatives want and need….

There’s nothing in the Constitution prohibiting people who have too many family members who’ve been elected to the job. Nor should there be. As one Floridian recently e-mailed me, “I’m against these familial dynasties, but in the Bushes’ case, they’ve saved the best for last, and I see no reason to punish ourselves by not electing a capable Jeb, just because his father and brother were mixed successes at best.”

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? As if Jeb wouldn’t sell out conservatives every bit as fast as his father and brother. I hope the Republicans do nominate him, it would demonstrate once and for all what a complete fraud the American electoral system is.

Vote for anyone you like, as long as their name is Bush or Clinton.

Free market snake oil

From the Washington Times:

A centrally planned immigrant labor market. Buried inside the guest-worker provisions is an extension of the Davis-Bacon Act, which mandates “prevailing wages” to workers in specific industries contracted by the federal government. The bill would extend “prevailing wage” laws to include immigrant workers in all private sector jobs, even those not covered by Davis-Bacon. A “Temporary Worker Task Force” made up of 10 political appointees and the secretary of Labor would choose which industries have unmet labor demands and devise a prevailing wage employers must pay to their immigrant workers.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Tim Kane, the extension would effectively bring 5 percent of the U.S. labor market under federal control, rendering arguments coming from the right favoring a guest-worker program on free-market grounds absurd. For instance, the Wall Street Journal editorial page attacked “anti-immigration conservatives” yesterday for “showing they don’t believe in free labor markets.” If by “free” they mean markets controlled by 10 bureaucrats sitting in the Department of Labor, we plead guilty.

You’d think conservatives would have learned by now, after the bait-and-switches of the European Common Market, NAFTA and FTAA. What Washington sells as a “free market” measure generally turns out to be anything but.

More freedom for Mexicans and other foreigners, less for American citizens. That’s been the pattern of this administration since the beginning.

So, you might want to think twice when they tell you that they’re building a wall to keep foreigners out. Given the federal government’s track record, that’s the one thing you can count on being untrue.

Schadenfreude and the softness of science fiction

From “Science Once Again Nudges Science Fiction Towards Fantasy” in the Spring ’06 SFWA Bulletin:

The latest nail which science has driven into the coffin of science fiction appears in the March 2006 issue of Scientific American in an article entitled “Shielding Space Travellers” by Eugene N. Parker. Roughly, cosmic rays produce radiation expressed as “rems per year”, and at sea level we receive 0.02 – 0.04, about the equivalent of a couple of x-rays….. Our faithful robots report that interplanetary space, which must be traversed to reach Mars, experiences 13-25 rem per year, so that Martian astronauts would receive a dose of more than 80 rems per round trip….

So our space ships will need to be shielded with the equivalent of five meters of water, making them so hopelessly massive that the needed acceleration to move them from here to there is simply impossible.

As one who has always felt that the focus of most science fiction writers on “getting the science right” while getting nearly everything else from religion to basic human relations wrong was pedantry bordering on autism, this news makes me laugh.

Now, certainly several writers will invent cunning ways around this apparent limitation, but the vast majority will simply ignore it while continuing to posture ostentatiously about their commitment to scientific verity. Wny, without space travel, it will be obvious that romance novels in space are nothing but… romance novels!

For me, there is little difference between science fiction and fantasy. They are essentially the same genre wherein the point is entertainment and escapism, with an edifying theme thrown somewhere in the mix if the writer is so inclined. (I have to say, I am increasingly disinclined to do so, having rather overdone it in my first novel.) Nevertheless, it is certainly amusing that while the supernatural of which I write from time to time remains possible while the space travel that is a fixture of so much sober and serious science fiction looks increasingly improbable.


Regretless owns I have been “owned“:

“If it took the Germans less than four years to rid themselves of 6 million Jews, many of whom spoke German and were fully integrated into German society, it couldn’t possibly take more than eight years to deport 12 million illegal aliens, many of whom don’t speak English and are not integrated into American society.”

http:// www.democraticunderground…mesg_id=2627775


For your edification, gentle reader, I present you with the first five stunning rebuttals, each presented in its entirety, that Regretless finds so conclusively convincing, no doubt due to the eloquence and subtle intelligence revealed within each rhetorical gem.

1. “Oh My God.” – Unnamed Democrat

2. “I…. I… I’m speechless.” – Trotsky

3. “Another Egotistical Bully sitting smug behind his typewriter, stirring up more racial hatred.” – stepnwlf

4. “WOW! Insanity!” – Vinnie from Indy

5. “Oh. My. God. speechless.” – Skinner

My brain is aching from the intellectual pummelling dealt out by these brilliant masters of the epithet. First the bittersweet brutality of an acid tongue bath from Michael Medved and now this! I only hope I can hold the tattered remnants of my shattered personality together. No doubt historians will look upon this day as being the dawning of a wiser, humbler and more contrite Vox Day.

I think she wants more soccer talk

Kim is curious… as the Mondiale approaches:

I asked this question awhile back and am still curious. The fascination with rape. Similar to the subject of this post in her strange, whatever feminist strident take on rape. I don’t dwell on rape. I don’t think most women do, unless, of course, they’ve been raped, which would make sense. However, why do you dwell on it?
You discuss it a lot. Why?

Well, I find it relaxing. You know, some men like to kick back in front of the television and crack open a cold beer, others prefer to hit the local gentleman’s club and survey the unclad talent. I myself enjoy slipping on a comfortable black mask, breaking out the old Bowie knife and surprising the heck out of an attractive and unsuspecting young woman.

Anyhow, as Spacebunny and others have pointed out, I’m not the one obsessed with rape. Feminists are obsessed with rape, so as an outspoken critic of feminism in all its myriad forms, yes, even the forms that are socially acceptable to the mainstream, I find myself discussing it a lot. The subject is all but unavoidable; it is crammed down every young man’s throat from his first mandatory consciousness-raising lecture in college to the most recent mandatory diversity seminar at his workplace.

I would call the rape-and-harassment reeducation business a cottage industry, except that it would be a misnomer given how it probably employs more women than the American textiles industry these days.

The reason that the cry-rape crowd cries rape so often and so loudly is the same reason that some Jews cry Nazi, some blacks cry KKK and some faux conservatives cry terrorist. It is the way in which the intellectually overmatched call for help while simultaneously attempting to stifle otherwise damaging criticism without having to make a coherent case. The way to defang this tactic is not to retreat and awkwardly attempt to defend yourself because that’s exactly what the cry-whatever wants you to do, the correct thing is to continue to make your case while ignoring the static.

Or, if you’re like me and you genuinely don’t give a damn what people with half your IQ say about you, you continue to make your case while using the static to create beautiful, beautiful music that only you can hear.

The alternative explanation is that this rock thing is true, Jerry Lee Lewis is the devil and my mind was warped by listening to too much of the wrong sort of music. For you see, I also like honey.

I can think of at least two more

It’s entirely possible that Jonah Goldberg missed my objections to a border fence. But I kind of doubt it:

I’ve gotten mostly kudos for my USA Today piece on building a wall. But, understandably, a few folks disagree. What I find kind of amazing is how there are so few arguments against the wall, other than the symbolism thing. As I said in the piece, I think the symbolism argument is a good and legitimate one. But it pretty much stands alone. Some say it can’t be done, but we know that’s not true. Others say it’s too expensive. But one gets the sense that even if it were cheaper, they wouldn’t favor a wall. Some rightly note that it wouldn’t be fool-proof. Okay. So it would only reduce illegal entry into the United States by a really big percentage.

My argument against the wall is two-fold. First, it is unnecessary. Illegal immigration was shut down prior to 1965 without one. Second, it can be used to keep Americans in as easily as it is used to keep illegal immigrants out. Given to whom the Congress and the Cherry Blossom Throne are soon to be handed, I don’t think it is wise to discount that second point.

Post-facto warriors

The White Buffalo is listening to the Patriot:

You are a star. Ok, now on the Patriot, the advertising for the Michael Medved show is a little snippet of him railing on you. It rocks!

I’m always very impressed with the intellectual bravery of a man willing to take on an ideological movement dead for more than sixty years. Perhaps next he can boldly make a stand against King Sennacherib of Assyria, a proven anti-semite and killer of Jews.

The tragedy of the Left – and faux conservatives like Medved – is that they are always willing to fight yesterday’s tyrant and ignore tomorrow’s. The socialists of yore fought monarchists and capitalists and ended up with Communists and National Socialists. The socialists of today pay no attention the globalist totalitarian structure rising around them as they boldly decry defunct Fascists and Nazis.

The code of Da Vinci is: Vote Republican!

Stanley Kurtz presents a fascinating exercise in illogic:

I just saw The Da Vinci Code. Point one: Michael Novak’s review is dead on.
Point two: This movie is a salutary kick in the teeth for conservatives. There’s no gainsaying the fact that the Narnia movie was a big deal. Having conceded that, the fact remains that when it comes to exercising influence on the fundamental levers of American culture, conservatives remain in a pathetically weakened position.

I may not be a professor of “symbology,” but I have taught at Harvard and studied religious symbolism. So I feel in a particularly strong position to reveal the entirely unsecret conspiracy against patriotism, tradition, and religion hiding in plain sight on our movie and television screens, in our universities, and on the pages of the mainstream press. Conservatives have forgotten just how precarious our position is. One cable news channel, talk radio, and the blogosphere do not an invincible army make. It only seems that way because we also have nominal control of the reigns of power. But lose our foothold in government, and conservatives are up a creek. The other side controls the levers of cultural power in this country, and we are the enemy in their eyes (and on their screens).

Conservatives need to face the fact that our position in this culture is genuinely precarious. If we lose our hold on power, we’ll scream bloody murder on our outlets at everything the other side does. Yet those screams may only confirm our helplessness. The deep cultural dimension of our political battles makes an ordinary transfer of political power far more consequential than it was in the days when America had a bipartisan foreign policy and a broad cultural consensus. We can dream about forcing Republicans to the right and then riding back into power two years later, but one big loss could easily turn conservatives back into a marginal cultural force for some time.

You would think with those very impressive credentials in quasi-semiotics Mr. Kurtz would recognize that the Republicans he pitches as the last great hope for conservatives are every bit as sold out to the very forces of darkness he sees behind the Da Vinci Code as their Democratic counterparts.

Two uniforms, one team.

I am beginning to think that this administration’s open betrayal of Americans is going to cause some of these NROniks to require therapy, if not medication. You can see the cognitive dissonance tearing at their minds in nearly every half-baked defense of their “conservative” party.

It may require a morbid sense of humor, but I think I’m going to quite enjoy November. Remember when all those pragmatic pundits and self-proclaimed strategists said that the Republicans had to govern to the Left in order to stay popular, continue to win elections and retain power?

That was awesome!

Seriously, how hard is it for these genuiuses to grasp the obvious? Reagan wins landslide victories. The conservative Contract With America takes Congress. Naturally, and supposedly in order to stay in power, the Republican politicians tack left and now find themselves on the verge of another long stint in the political wilderness. If Karl Rove is a political genius, then he must be Democrat.

So, vote Republican or else Tom Hanks will make more movies!

The fork in America’s back

From the SF Chronicle:

The current migration of Mexicans and Central Americans to the United States is one of the largest diasporas in modern history, experts say.

Roughly 10 percent of Mexico’s population of about 107 million is now living in the United States, estimates show. About 15 percent of Mexico’s labor force is working in the United States. One in every 7 Mexican workers migrates to the United States.

That’s not immigration, that’s a migration. And if you believe that the USA is going to maintain its Christian, Anglo-Saxon political culture, or even the trappings of it that currently survive, you would do well to read up on the way in which other migrations have altered the cultures of their final destinations.

I find it bizarre that so few people yet recognize that this migration is intended to remove the vestiges of sovereign power from the American people. Even if one takes our political system at face value, it should be obvious that every immigrant granted citizenship represents the watering-down of every native citizen’s vote.

Perhaps by the time you are ruled by an unelected American Commission appointed by the legislatures of the USA, Mexico and Canada, you will understand. I won’t say that by then it will be too late, though, because it already is.

Nor will things stop with Mexico. The proposed merger between the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext will lay the groundwork for a global currency down the road. One market to rule them all, one currency to bind them, ein Geld, ein Welt, ein Reich.

So I took a Nazi extermination technique today

L’Emmerdeuer tunes in:

I was listening to a random radio station today while working, the Michael Medved talk show came on. I didn’t know he had a talk show. 30% of the time he was promoting stocks to buy, and now’s the time to buy gold! Today! But he had some guest discussing something about Nazis and the DV Code moview, and he made a snide remark about how WND has a columnist who actually promotes using Nazi extermination techniques on the “immigrants”.

And actually, when travelling in Europe, I quite recommend using the Nazi extermination technique sometimes known as a “train”. Those appallingly cunning Neos not only sell tickets for the “Nazi extermination techniques” to unsuspecting tourists wanting to go from point A to point B, they even wear uniforms!

Michael Medved is just another peddler of faux outrage. He wouldn’t know a Nazi if one was tattooing a number on his ass. I don’t know if he favors the “Stasi extermination technique” known as a border fence or not, but if he does, we shall obviously have to lambast him for being an East German Communist lover.