Immigration is the issue

National Review notes that Hillary has two weaknesses. One is immigration:

In the last moments Hillary began to crash—and all because Dodd—the dear darling Dodo—challenged her on a plainly dishonest answer about illegal immigration. Then the slippery Edwards, sensing blood in the water, swam snakewise to sink his fangs in her calf, and even the timid loquacious Obama felt bold enough to suggest that she may perhaps not have been wholly consistent. What this little thing demonstrates is that immigration is the issue that the Democrats know is their Achilles Heel.

The GOP’s problem here is that other than Tom Tancredo, the only Republican positioned to take advantage of this Achilles Heel is Ron Paul. And he is the only one able to take advantage of Hillary’s other weakness, namely, her ongoing support for the wars and occupations. Giuliani, Romney, McCain, Thompson and Huckabee all share Hillary’s positions on these two matters, this is why none of them can beat her.

Hillary could have avoided this perception of vulnerability had she heeded my advice – not that she ever heard it – and moved to the GOP’s right on immigration. Don’t be surprised if she does so once she clinches the Democratic nomination, she’s obviously not afraid to jettison her former positions, at least in public.