Watson may be the new Galileo

The secular narrative is backward. It is modern scientists who are proving to be more dogmatic and determinedly anti-scientific evidence than the medieval Catholic Church:

In early March, 2003, investigators turned to Tony Frudakis, a molecular biologist who said he could determine the killer’s race by analyzing his DNA. They were unsure about the science, so, before giving him the go-ahead, the task force sent Frudakis DNA swabs taken from 20 people whose race they knew and asked him to determine their races through blind testing. He nailed every single one.

Still, when they gathered in the Baton Rouge police department for a conference call with Frudakis in mid-March, they were not prepared to hear or accept his conclusions about the killer.

“Your guy has substantial African ancestry,” said Frudakis. “He could be Afro-Caribbean or African American but there is no chance that this is a Caucasian. No chance at all.”

Ironically, science will soon shatter the materialists’ Equalitarian dogma despite failing to dent Christianity in the 200 years since the Encylopedistes first declared it passe.