Your “conservative” media

Rick Brookhiser of National Review:

While the Huckabees swarm, keep an eye on Ron Paul, whom I predict will do better than any poll shows. I don’t know how many wicked idiots there are in Iowa, but every single one of them will come out.

The neocons are already openly bitter about not being able to cram any of their various Hillary-lites down Republican throats and potentially being forced to make do with a Bush-lite. While I hope Ron Paul significantly outperforms the polls for many reasons, among them is the prospective pleasure of seeing treasonous, liberty-hating fake conservatives gnashing their teeth and being forced to publicly eat their dishonest words about his unelectability.

I find it intriguing that National Review openly considers supporters of the most pro-liberty, pro-Constitution Republican candidate to be “wicked idiots”. Apparently they’re following the CNN/New York Times business model these days.