VPFL Week 14

111 Mounds View Meerkats
90 East Mesa WhiteTrash

86 Winston Reverends
35 Burns ICU

83 Greenfield Grizzlies
74 W.C. Silver Spooners

53 Black Mouth Curs
35 Village Valkyries

78 Masonville Marauders
72 Cranberry Bogs

The plucky piranha of the Serengeti finished the season with a bang, crushing the defending champions and killing their playoff hopes. Unfortunately, the Meerkats’ slow start meant that not even a five-game winning streak down the stretch nor a second-ranked scoring offense was enough to get them to the postseason this year. Following the game, Mounds View GM Vox Day announced that while head coach Lonzell Cahill will return next year, defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell’s contract will not be renewed.

Congratulations to Masonville, who clinched the regular season title by fending off a high-scoring Cranberry team this week. Congratulations to Cranberry as well, setting a regular season scoring record with 1061 points. Cranberry’s average of 75.8 points per game beat East Mesa’s record from last year by more than three points per game. Greenfield earned its playoff spot with an impressive win over the Spooners, while the Valkyries couldn’t pull it together when they needed it most. And to no one’s surprise, the ICU set a new record for futility while putting up a measly 35 points to end a season that was nearly as bad as Michael Vick’s.

So, Masonville and Greenfield will square off as Winston travels to Cranberry in the first round.