Where has he been?

It’s frustrating beyond words that it has taken this long for the conservative Christian commentators (such as Vox Day) to begin to understand the chicanery and duplicity involved in the corrupt Bush Administration. Better late than never? No, in my mind it’s just a Pavlovian response to a situation that has already been consigned to the dust heap of history. Sadly, the worldly Church is invariably in reaction mode to the world and its evil.

Seriously, does anyone read the information relevant to their chosen subject before leaping to the keyboard and pecking madly away? My very first op/ed in 2001 predicted chicanery and duplicity by the Bush administration. At least this critic correctly grasps that I am not, and have never been, on George Bush’s side.

Tale of 2 burdens

While reading Vox Day’s latest diatribe against George W. Bush, especially the parts about the president’s “assault” on our liberties, I couldn’t help but think about the vast difference between these two men. More specifically, I couldn’t help but think about the vast difference between the daily burdens they carry. Bush, a public servant, awakens each day to a Threat Matrix that outlines efforts to kill American citizens. Then there’s the Iranian nuke situation, developments in Iraq and Afghanistan, various domestic crises and on and on. Meanwhile, Vox’s biggest challenge is finding ways to show off his Mensa-level I.Q. from the sidelines … that and fashioning his hair so as to seem relevant to 15-year-olds.

From the sidelines… that’s certainly an interesting perspective given that the people, not the president, are supposedly sovereign. But he’s right, it is a heavy burden I face in trying to find new ways to show off my genius in a manner that the synaptically shortchanged are capable of recognizing as brilliance rather than madness.