The sound of Nazi

Yes, Virginia, you too may have to abandon your home and all your possessions to prevent the government authorities from taking your children away for the crime of not sending them to the local government propaganda mill:

A Utah woman who was ordered by a juvenile court judge to enroll her children in public school or lose custody of them has abandoned her home, furniture and other possessions to escape the order. Denise Mafi, a nine-year veteran of homeschooling, has confirmed to WND she and her children packed up their essentials – clothes and homeschool materials – and fled Utah over the weekend, spending more than 50 hours on a bus trip to another undisclosed part of the country.

There she has obtained an empty home, and is spending the Christmas break trying to find beds for her children and herself, and after the New Year, will involve the children in a local homeschooling process. “We’re shampooing carpets right now. We have no furniture. We have no beds,” she said. “But my kids are not going to public school. They are not going where Jesus isn’t welcome.”

Her home, furniture and other possessions left behind in Utah? “I’m not going back unless the judge removes the threat of arrest,” she said. “I’ll fight for the cause but I’m not going to be a martyr.”

The case erupted for Mafi because of an apparent paperwork glitch that could very well be the fault of her local school district.

Let’s see… her papers were not in ordnung so she was forced to flee to save her children. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Interestingly enough, a nearly identical scenario is playing out in Germany right now, with a number of German families found in violation of a 1938 Nazi school law that is still in effect being forced to take their children and flee to Austria and Switzerland.

The postwar period of relative peace is over. Interesting times are here again. Be aware that this is just the beginning.