Speaking of books and IP

Here’s my reading list for the next month, courtesy of Spacebunny:

The Landmark Thucydides (annotated, with introduction by VDH!)
Outlaws of the Marsh (four volumes)
The Romance of Three Kingdoms (two volumes, translated by Brewitt-Taylor)
On Literature by Umberto Eco

Now, the interesting thing here is that of these eight books, only one was created during the IP era. However, since Eco’s essays in this particular collection are more literary and academic than political and cultural, the chances are high that he wrote them primarily as an academic, i.e. not for the same profit motive that presumably inspires his weekly columns in L’Espresso.

Moreover, Thucydides’s history and the classic Chinese romance have been ripped off by millions of dollars worth of books, movies and games, right down to the very name in some cases, with absolutely no compensation ever going to the creators.