Speaking of eunuchs

This is what it looks like when you have been metaphorically castrated. In public:

Bill told me I could take off the final week of the season, go 0-for-whatever and still beat him even if he picked every game correctly. I looked up the records and, sure enough, I’m leading him by 17 wins with 16 games remaining. I thought this was really funny and demanded to write his “picks” column this week. He agreed, although he probably loved the chance to skip writing so he could spend time on more important stuff, like watching NBA games that happened in 1985, or sending taunting e-mails about his latest League of Dorks championship.

If Spacebunny ever beat me at a networked FPS, military strategy game, or on the bench press, I think I’d have to commit seppuku with a Thrustmaster. I can’t even imagine what the Sports Guy is going through now. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.