Farah on Fox News

And their “fair-and-balanced” exclusion of Ron Paul from the New Hampshire debate:

This is a very bad decision for a cable news channel whose slogan is “fair and balanced.” Back in 2003, Roger Ailes, the president of Fox News, explained how his competitors showed their bias: “Bias has to do with the elimination of points of view, not presenting a point of view.” Isn’t that exactly how Fox News is demonstrating an outrageous form of bias today against the increasingly viable and unexpectedly impressive candidacy of Ron Paul?

Do I think Ron Paul is going to win the nomination? No.

Do I want him to win the nomination? No.

Do I think he can be the next president of the United States? No.

But he deserves to debate. He and his supporters have shown they can compete with any of the other Republican contenders – for money, in enthusiasm and in the polls that really count.

I don’t always agree with Mr. Farah. I don’t always think he bases his opinion on logically defensible grounds. But his core integrity is one reason I enjoy writing for his publication.