As serious as thee

K-Lo complains about how the media isn’t fair to NRO’s favored candidate:

This morning, the Today Show host interviewed Mitt Romney with hostility and Hillary Clinton with protective understanding. He asked Mitt if he’s a liar buying the election and he asked Hillary about her emotions, both aired near the top of the show, Romney was live, Hillary was taped. I hate being the predictable conservative complaining about the mainstream media, but I know what I saw

Yes, this is the EXACT SAME PERSON who was complaining about the way Ron Paul supporters were jeering Sean Hannity. So, if I understand the NRO editor correctly, it is bad for the mainstream media to work against a nominal conservative, but it is entirely correct for the nominally conservative media to work against a genuine conservative.

The current Republican party and its cheerleaders in the media so richly deserve the donkey-shoed buttock-branding for which they appear to be heading fall. It’s so obvious how much they want to be what they pretend to abhor.