Losing the pro-life vote

This exchange of comments at Rod Dreher’s blog nicely illustrates one aspect of the dark future facing Republicans:

It is staggering that anyone who calls himself pro-life could even remotely consider voting for Obama.
Posted by: RC

True, since the GOP has been so staggeringly successful at getting abortion banned.
Posted by: Derek Copold

When you achieve near-complete political power, as the Republican Party did with its sweep of the White House, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court and you so completely fail to deliver on any of your promises, why on Earth should pro-lifers continue to throw their votes away on you? Given a choice between one party that wants to fund doctors killing children and another party that isn’t interested in preventing doctors from killing children, why should pro-lifers bother taking a party’s position on child-killing into consideration, or for the more single-minded, even bother voting at all?

UPDATE – This exchange was equally illuminating, in this case, of the feminist approach to logic:

I could no more vote for someone who believes that the unborn human has no rights at all and is the completely disposable property of her mother

In that logic, your position in turn imples that the woman is, then, property of the fetus. She can do nothing, yet the fetus is permitted to treat her as disposable, to kill her under some circumstances (e.g. ectopic pregnancy).

Logic is hard!