The anti-gun Bush administration

John Lott notes George Bush’s most egregious betrayal yet:

On Friday, the Bush administration’s Justice Department entered into the fray over the District of Columbia’s 1976 handgun ban by filing a brief to the Supreme Court that effectively supports the ban. The administration pays lip service to the notion that the Second Amendment protects gun ownership as an “individual right,” but their brief leaves the term essentially meaningless….

Worried about the possibility that a Supreme Court decision supporting the Second Amendment as an individual right could “cast doubt on the constitutionality of existing federal legislation,” the Department of Justice felt it necessary to head off any restrictions on government power right at the beginning.

George Bush is a traitor to his party, to the people who elected him and his nation. However, he has certainly done yeoman’s work in preparing the way for the next ascendant to the Cherry Blossom Throne. Don’t be surprised when she makes aggressive use of the powers that he has prepared for her.