Really? Me too!

So squealed Peter King:

“I just want to tell you one thing,” Ruprecht, a 39-year-old optometrist from LaCrosse told me, his eyes crystal clear. “When Brett Favre retires, I will cry. In fact, the day he retires I will call in sick. I won’t be able to work.”

Now we had built up a little bit of trust and had been talking for a while. Here came the big guns. “This is going to sound weird,” he said. “I dream about this guy. I dream that I’m going shopping with him.”

I like football as much as anyone. I love football. On days when I can’t watch football, I play Maddens. (Okay, I often play Maddens on days when I watch football too.) I probably throw the pigskin around outside every other day; Spacebunny may look like an SI model but she doesn’t throw like a girl. There are even Packers owners in the family.

But mamas, this is why you don’t let your babies grow up to be Packer Backers.