Speaking of word thieves II

Mark Levin apparently wouldn’t know a real conservative if it cut his taxes:

“It comes down to three choices in Michigan tomorrow: Romney, Huckabee, and McCain. And there’s just no question Romney is the conservative of the three – there’s just no question.”

If the question is which of these three men is the conservative: the liberal New England flip-flopper, the Southern Social Gospelteer or the speech-silencing Dems best friend, then the correct answer is NONE OF THE FREAKING ABOVE!

Meanwhile, a few posts up, Byron York notes the following: “Romney has all sorts of proposals that will make the federal government a virtual partner with Detroit’s ailing auto industry. A lot of what he says here won’t sit well with free-market conservatives.

As opposed to what sort of conservatives? Planned-economy conservatives? Even Pat Buchanan just wants protection against foreign products, not government-run domestic industries.