The Looming Menace

Derb mocks the formerly conservative commentariat:

The Looming Menace of Paul [John Derbyshire]

Yep, it’s open season on Ron Paul all right. We can’t have people going around talking about liberty, the Constitution, congressional declarations of war, and the abolition of federal government departments. Only Nazis and Islamofascists go for that stuff — everyone knows how keen they are on limited government power. Stop this man! Expect things to get much worse if Paul polls well in Nevada, which looks possible.

The ironic thing about the way all these conservative-hating “conservatives” have behaved towards Ron Paul is that most of them, who claim to revere Reagan, are exactly in the mold of the Republican media figures who attacked Reagan as a crazy, kooky old guy thirty years ago and pushed Gerald Ford as an “electable” candidate.