Never enough geek

“What, you were worried there wasn’t enough geek?” asked an incredulous Spacebunny upon hearing about the latest addition to the blog.

Hey, I have 6k PvP kills, more than 100 outside the battlegrounds, so let’s just say I’m not exactly worried about my screen cred. (You should have seen Spacebunny’s face when I told her my guild was planning to get together for an RL weekend, for a split-second, there was a look of wild panic in those storm-blue eyes. Apparently we WON’T be attending….) Anyhow, I have a new rule in life. If there’s a widget that lets you read Dilbert every day without even having to leave the blog, then you install the freaking widget.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I promised one of my envious dwarf friends that I’d show him my newly enchanted Ornate Greaves of Power with the 6-percent speed bonus…. you know, it’s probably going to kill Richard Dawkins to learn that he didn’t get his head handed to him by a respected public intellectual or a world-famous scientist, but a hardcore gamer who typed in the text in between poring over DVOA and killing Hordies in Alterac.