Republicans blackball a blogger

The Right Wing News isn’t welcome at the Republican convention:

This week, the Republican National Convention is kicking off and there are going to be almost 200 bloggers attending. However, I’m not going to be one of them. That’s not because I didn’t put in an application, it’s because they didn’t want me there. My application for media credentials was not approved.

That’s despite the fact that…

* Right Wing News is one of the 15 biggest conservative blogs.
* I was actually invited to attend in 2004.
* I founded Rightroots in 2006 and, along with the help of a crew of other bloggers AND the RNC, I helped raise almost $300k for Republicans candidates in 2006.
* Right Wing News is one of the websites permalinked on the Republican National Committee’s Blog….

My best guess as to why I’m not being allowed to go to the RNC is a post I wrote back in March called, “Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President.” The piece savagely denounced McCain for his breathtakingly dishonest flip-flop over illegal immigration, was widely linked, and a source of mine inside the campaign told me they were very aware of it.

This is just insane and an apparent confirmation of McCain’s notoriously thin skin. Hawkins isn’t just a Republican, he’s a serious Republican loyalist and if there isn’t room for the likes of him in the Republican tent, a small kitchen cabinet should suffice.

I wasn’t invited to the convention either, but then, I’m not a Republican and I’m not supporting John McCain for president.