A crack in a wall of blind faith

It’s very difficult to read this touching atheist declaration of faith in his idol without laughing:

Of course, it is a possibility that Dawkins knows this and is lying to us all. You never know. But my personal opinion is that he isn’t. Richard may be saying awful things about us that aren’t true, but that doesn’t stop me from being on his side. I may be wrong (I sincerely hope not), but I personally believe that Richard isn’t aware of all this and that his team have successfully kept him in the dark as to what really happened…. He has been as much of an inspiration in my life as the community we helped create, and he still is. I support his cause, and everything he helps us do by promoting critical thinking and attacking the idea of ignorance being taught as a virtue.

This is quite funny. First, the idea of RichardDawkins.net as a place of genteel, high-flown reasoned debate is absurd on its face. As a number of reasonable atheists and agnostics eventually discovered to their chagrin, it was little more than a place for petty little people who are insufficiently intelligent or knowledgeable to engage in debate to hide without having their idols and ideas confronted. Longtime readers here will recall the pathetic response to the publication of TIA, in which the recommended response was to hunker down and hope not too many people noticed that Dawkins’s specious arguments such as the Ultimate 747 had been obliterated.

Futhermore, the idea of Richard Dawkins as an opponent of ignorance borders on the oxymoronic. With the exception of Christopher Hitchens, the man is one of the most ignorant public ideologues still active today. I’ve seen contestants on Jay Leno’s old Jaywalking interviews with better grasps of history. Clearly Reality is My Religion is about to have a religious experience, because reality is about to slap him in the face with the discovery that some people are not assholes because they are atheists, they are atheists because they are assholes.