Kill only in ignorance

Unsurprisingly, the advance of technology is rapidly forcing pro-abortion feminists into severe logical contortions:

The Council of Europe is due to consider a draft resolution in October which recommends that all its 47 member states – including Britain – instruct hospitals to “withold information about the sex of the foetus” from parents. The move is a bid to prevent the practice of selective abortion, which they say has reached worrying proportions in some former Soviet states…. Now, a survey of maternity units in England discloses that several are already refusing to share the information.

What a pity scientists never managed to find that gay gene. Then we would be presented with the spectacle where women only possessed “the right to choose” so long as she was carrying a normal male child. But how interesting that a woman’s “right” to her own body doesn’t appear to extend to the knowledge of what is in it.