Happy Thanksgiving

There are many things for which I am thankful to God today. Among them, if not necessarily at the top of the list, is this eclectic collection of individuals who, for one reason or another, make up what passes for the online community here. I appreciate the critics because they prevent me from lapsing into carelessness and intellectual laziness. I appreciate the supporters, because they give me a reason to start putting a post together even when I’m not particularly in the mood to do so. And most of all, I appreciate those who contribute new ideas and open up new pathways for intellectual exploration.

As anticipated, this past year was difficult for many, if not most of us. I expect the next year will be much the same, if not even more “interesting”. But I am confident that regardless of how it turns out, there will be no shortage of reasons to once again give thanks to our Creator, to our Lord, and to our Savior.