WND column

Weekend at Bernanke’s

It’s perfectly understandable why so few people are paying attention to the crisis that is threatening the global financial system, even though the professionals are biting their nails like little children about to embark upon their first rollercoaster ride. In addition to all the confusing and esoteric terminology being thrown around more freely than medical terms on a hospital show – before being introduced to “House,” I didn’t realize that all medical conditions, no matter how rare, are treated with either surgery or steroids – it is hard to distinguish between the gravity of a Dubai corporation asking for a loan extension and the Italian government collapsing for the 343rd time since Mussolini fled Rome.

There is a certain amount of crisis fatigue now, even among those of us who pay close attention to the ups and downs of the global markets and the economic statistics. One can only anticipate disaster so many times before being tempted to throw up one’s hands and assume that the global economy is going to muddle through somehow, all apparent reason and evidence to the contrary.