The Broncos have the faith

And really, that’s all that matters. In considering whether Tebow can make it as a starting NFL quarterback who doesn’t throw the ball much, I don’t pay any attention to the media. I pay attention to the men who play with him:

“If it ain’t broken, and it ain’t, then don’t fix it,” McGahee told me from San Diego Sunday night. It was a 23-carry, 117-yard day by McGahee, with his 24-yard run in overtime setting up the winning field goal that led to the 16-13 overtime win. Afterward, McGahee said the game had the feel of another close one, and he said to Tebow in the middle of the second half, “Me and you gotta win this game.” And the two men combined to do it, helped by a third-and-11 conversion catch by Decker that was upheld by review on the game-tying drive at the end of the fourth quarter. You know, when Tebow takes over. “It’s cool everybody doubts us,” McGahee said. “Don’t respect us. All we know is, if it’s close at the end, we’re gonna win.”

“If it’s close at the end, we’re gonna win.” That’s the sort of statement that sends chills down opposing coaches’ spines and causes the other team to get tight and choke if they can’t pull away early. It’s the sort of confidence that can’t be taught, but can only be developed as a group over time. Talent always matters, but superior teamwork and willpower can surmount a bigger talent gap than people often credit.