The Left goes full circle

So much for the notion of free speech in the UK:

The 34-year-old from New Addington in Croydon, south London, was held on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence after a video came to light on YouTube. The two-minute clip showed a woman insulting passengers while holding a toddler on her lap in a full tram carriage on the Croydon to Wimbledon service in South London.

It quickly spread via Twitter and YouTube, sparking outrage, as the woman in the video could be heard demanding foreign workers “go back to their own country”.

It is fascinating to see how the Left, which originally claimed to exist solely represent the interests of the working class, have now turned on the working class and is willing to criminalize a member of the working class for expressing the interests of the working class.

The UK unemployment rate is 8.3%. That means that several million members of the British working class are unemployed, while millions of third-world Africans and Asians are being permitted to migrate to Britain. If you haven’t been to London recently, it is shocking how few British people you will see on the streets there; on one occasion, I was the only white person – more than that, actually, the only individual of actual British descent – on the train the last time I was there.

This isn’t sustainable. Many, if not most British people feel exactly the same way the woman who is the latest thought criminal does, and eventually they will reach the point where they are not content to simply express themselves with futile words on the train. No doubt all right-thinking Brits are supposed to be shocked and horrified by the woman’s outburst, but I there can be little doubt that the majority of the population is in silent agreement with her.

In Germany, the media reported a record-setting heavy newborn. His name is Jihad. He is the youngest of 14 children. This, too, is not sustainable.

The multicultural concept has failed. Abysmally. It was founded on false premises. And every serious student of history knows what comes next. Periods of mass human migration are generally periods of war and other serious unpleasantries.