One way or another

Since they were unable to get all 50 attorneys general to sign on to the ex post facto legal whitewashing of their massive title fraud, it appears that some bankers may have decided to take more direct action to cover their tracks:

The notary who signed tens of thousands of false documents in a massive robo-signing scandal case was found dead in her home on Monday. The notary, 43-year-old Tracy Lawrence, was supposed to be in court at 8:30 Monday morning for her sentencing hearing. When her attorney did not hear from her for more than an hour, Sr. Deputy Attorney General Robert Giunta asked for a bench warrant to be issued for Lawrence. The judge denied the request.

Police were sent to Lawrence’s house to check on her after her lawyer expressed concern for her client’s well-being. They found her body inside her home.

I have little doubt the coroner will determine that she committed suicide by shooting herself three times. In the back of the head.