Blitheringly stupid

Rush Limbaugh needs to untie the other half of his brain. The half he’s using now is clearly dysfunctional:

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh says he’s “jazzed” about Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan to be his running mate, and he expects an instant economic recovery if the Republican ticket wins in November.

“I guarantee you, if Ryan and Romney win this election, you’re gonna see the stock market go through the roof,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “You’re gonna see small businesses start to hire. It’s gonna happen so fast, you’re not gonna believe it, the moment it’s known that Obama’s out of office.”

Limbaugh, the top-rated voice of the political right in America, says a true conservative is finally on the presidential ticket.

So, if Romney and Ryan are elected, the machines that make up the bulk of the stock market trading are going to kick it up another notch? And who is this “true conservative”? It certainly isn’t the guy with the voting record that belongs to Ryan (WI). Limbaugh is putting the Stupid in Stupid Party with this inane commentary. I’d be very interested to know precisely how Limbaugh thinks Romney and Ryan are going to make a 350 percent debt/GDP ratio disappear overnight.