The delta moment

Just to forestall any concerns or conspiracy theories, I let WND know today that I’m ending my column there as of December 31.  There are no problems, no differences of opinion, or anything like that.  I haven’t taken a job with the IMF or a K-Street lobbying firm.  I have no plans to write a column anywhere else.  I am appreciative of the platform WND gave me for 11 years and I very much respect and support Joseph Farah.  But I feel the quality of my columns has not been up to their previous par over the last two years; today’s column reminded me of what they used to be.

So, rather than phone it in, I’ve asked WND to give my place on the Commentary page to someone else.  I will continue to blog both here and at Alpha Game, as before.  I don’t know what effect that will have on my readership, but that really doesn’t matter.  Sometimes, you just know it is time for a change.