VPFL 2012 Championship

77 Moundsview Meerkats
56 ’63Mercury Marauders

66 Bane Sidhe
63 Fromundah Cheezheads

Despite being favored by nearly 10 points, I thought the championship game was over before it started after Roddy White – who was questionable – scored 19 points and Tony Gonzalez scored 0 in the Thursday Night game.  That put me 19 in the hole versus the projections.  But Aaron Rodgers went for 30, Reggie Wayne defanged Andrew Luck, neither Arian Foster nor Adrian Peterson showed up in their big face-off, so now it’s going to come down to the question of whether Peyton Manning is going to throw to Thomas or Decker, and if the Giants’ Wilson is going to outscore the SF DEF.

Right now, the score is Meerkats 68, Sidhe 67.  It’s far from over.