A MAGIC BROKEN free on Kindle

A MAGIC BROKEN is free today from Amazon.  If you already have a copy, you may wish to go ahead and grab the new one as it fixes six errata found in the previous version.

There are still some spots left for those interested in reviewing THE WARDOG’S COIN.  So, if you wish to do so, please let me know via email.  However, just to be clear, I’m not sending out the books for at least a month, because I’m not finished with the second of the two stories.  A few of you will have already read one of the two, as an earlier version of QALABI DAWN used to be posted on my old Eternal Warriors site.

UPDATE: A MAGIC BROKEN has cracked the top 100 Free on Amazon and is now at #3 in Fantasy Epic, #97 overall.  It will be interesting to see how high it can go, and if this will spark any consequent interest in A THRONE OF BONES.

UPDATE 2: Black Gate informs its readers about the Amazon offer and includes a mini-review of the novella.

UPDATE 3: As does the indefatigable Instapundit.