Britain edges for the exit

A flicker of self-rule sparks in Britain:

As the House of Commons backed the new laws by 304 votes to nil, David Cameron said Britain is “one step closer” to giving voters a choice on Brussels. The result is a major victory for eurosceptic Tory MPs and the UK Independence Party, who have put the Prime Minister under pressure to set out concrete plans for a poll.

The vast majority of Labour and Lib Dem MPs stayed away from the debate, dismissing the whole European Union (Referendum) Bill as a parliamentary “stunt”.

However, not a single MP actually voted against the Bill for fear of alienating the electorate, as the party leaders fear many voters are anti-Europe.

If the British do finally get a substantive vote and elect to stay in the EU
after all the lies and betrayals, after all the Euro-related disasters,
after everything that has happened, they will deserve their fate.  But they have a long history of flirting with disaster and somehow surviving it.  Of course, given the slippery history of the UK europhiles, who knows what “a choice on Brussels” will actually turn out to be.