Mailvox: open homeschool thread

HHS asks for curriculum advice:

Would you mind putting up a homeschool open thread? My wee one is
finally getting to that age, and while she’s learning to read now, we’re
looking for our first well-rounded curriculum.

Have at it.  SB uses Saxon math, Trivium Pursuit, and the Well-Trained Mind, which has met with some very good results.  I don’t have much to offer in this regard, as my only responsibilities in this regard fall in the very important areas of Video Game History and Philosophy of Gaming.

That being said, I generally prefer starting a child off on Spacewar rather than Pong.  And one can only truly appreciate the Intellivision if one has first been thoroughly exposed to the Atari 2600.

But I congratulate HHS and his wife on their decision.  After all, America’s best educated kids don’t go to school.