SFWA 3.0’s target market

It’s truly not fair to say that there is no market for the necro-bestial love triangles and transgendered Regency romances of color in space so beloved of the new SFWA.  The market definitely exists, as evidenced here:

it’s funny tho when ppl give u shit for not reading or wanting to get
into “classic novels” like im sorry why do i wanna read about the
ramblings of some crusty old white dude who doesn’t even know what 
clitoris is when i can read about time traveling interracial lesbian
romances in space

As to whether that is a market that merits pursuing to the exclusion of works in the mode of crusty old white dudes such as Asimov, Card, Heinlein, Herbert, Tolkien, Lewis, and Verne is a question I quite happily leave to fine SF/F publishers such as Tor Books, Night Shade Books and Golden Gryphon Press.