Who doesn’t understand what?

The current SFWA president provides a fascinating retweet from the previous SFWA president.

John Scalzi ‏@scalzi 20 Jul
As a general rule, a person too stupid to understand satire shouldn’t try to use it as an affirmative defense.
Retweeted by Steven Gould

Now, logic suggests that there are two possibilities here.  The first is that a member of Mensa doesn’t understand satire.  The second is that John Scalzi is a foolish ass who didn’t stop and think before he asserted his belief in a dimwitted reader’s interpretation of one of my posts.

Whatever could the answer be?  Remember, leftist attacks often involve psychological projection of their own deficiencies.  Consider the similarities between McRapey’s claims that I don’t understand satire and his response to my explanation for the readily observable fact that women write very little hard science fiction more than eight years ago:

“John, you think it makes more sense to postulate that despite my
obvious familiarity with the hard SF works of various women, I am
dedicated to a theory of genetic female inferiority while simultaneously
being in denial of the existence of books I own, than to admit you
failed to grasp an obvious rhetorical device.”

It’s possible, Vox. On the other hand, I have a degree in philosophy
from the University of Chicago (specializing in the philosophy of
language), and therefore have ample training in rhetoric, so I doubt
that rhetorical deficiencies on this end are the issue.

McRapey can’t be wrong, you see, because credentials.  Credentials and ample training.