VPFL 2013 draft

The live draft will be at 4:45 PM Central today.  For those of you not playing in the VPFL, please feel free to discuss other NFL-related news, such as the completely unsurprising fact that Mr. Tim Tebow is presently unemployed.

I like and admire the man. He is good man. He is a fearless Christian. But he is simply not an NFL-caliber quarterback. I mean, I’m a Vikings fan. In recent years, I’ve seen the Vikes start The Tarvaris Jackson Experiment, Christian Ponder, and even Joe Webb.  I’ve seen some very bad quarterbacking over the years.  I can still remember seeing Bob Lee and Steve Dils start behind center.

And I would have more confidence in any of them than in Tim Tebow.  You can trust Tebow to do two things on the football field. He can get you some yards on the ground and he won’t turn over the ball.  That’s not nearly enough to be a quarterback in the NFL.

UPDATE: Well, if nothing else, it seems I won the draft.


        Moundsview Meerkats
        Manager: Vox

Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.