Book Review: The Last Witchking

Lagrandil reviews The Last Witchking:

When I started The Last Witchking (which I chose in part
because it was free from for the Kindle) I didn’t know much
about Vox’s fantasy world.  I had heard vague rumors that he was writing
a Christian reply to the superbly-crafted and spiritually toxic Game of Thrones series.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The short stories in The Last Witchking have nothing to do with Martin’s crime against fiction.  Witchking
is not directly derivative of any single voice in the fantasy genre. 
Instead, much like Jordan before him, Vox draws richly on the expansive
fantasy lore of the western tradition while avoiding some of the more
common pitfalls of the current writing generation….

“Opera Vita Aeterna” was a fascinating insight on what I believe to be
one of Vox’s oldest ideas in this world: the interplay between
Christianity and non-human races.  In this case it’s the story of a
master sorcerer elf who spends a paltry few years in a humble Christian
monastery.  This was easily my favorite piece of the three.  It also
illuminates a relevant point about Vox Day’s style.  The man is
educated, and while he doesn’t waste time rubbing anyone’s nose in that
fact, neither does he write for the lowest common denominator.

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