An astonishing coincidence

It’s still so easy. Golf Pro, aka Tad, mocks the idea that Minnesotans have anything to worry about from the Somali jihadists in Minnesota:

I’m positive that comparing Minneapolis to Kenya is a bad idea. They
aren’t really the same place, same culture, same institutions, same
history. Really, there is no similarity. The good folks in Minneapolis
have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Reason, the Mall of America has jacked up its security measures. For, we can assume, no particular reason at all.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—The Mall of
America has stepped up security after the deadly attack by the Somali
militant group al-Shabab at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. 
Officials at the Bloomington mall say some of the extra security
precautions will be noticeable and some won’t. Millions of people visit
the mall and its 500 stores each year. Mall of America says the safety
of its guests, tenants and employees is top priority. Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community in the United
States. At least 22 young men have traveled to Somalia since 2007 to
join al-Shabaab and the FBI says its investigation of the terror group’s
recruiting remains a priority.