Predictive prophecy

Ann Morgan appears to believe that anything she repeats nine times is true.  But she is wrong:

The problem with that is this – nobody has EVER taken a ‘prophecy’
from the bible and used it to accurately predict a future event BEFORE
it happened. What they have done is taken various events that have
happened (in their past) and claimed (post facto) that they fulfilled a
biblical ‘prophecy’.

This is absolutely false.  I’ve seen one example in my own lifetime. There has long been an expectation in fundamentalist Christian circles that the various nations of Europe would unify due to the prophecy in Revelation. This was much pooh-poohed even as the Common Market took shape, since the various national politicians all publicly avowed that there was no intention of any political union.

Lo and behold, the European Union was formed.

There are other examples, of course. But Biblical prophecy has an observably better track record as a predictive model than either climate science or evolution by natural selection.