VPFL Week 6

64 Fromundah Cheezheads (6-0)
60 Greenfield Grizzlies (5-1)

89 Mounds View Meerkats (3-3)
26 Boot Hill Hangmen (2-4)

64 Bailout Banksters (3-3)
43 Bane Sidhe (3-3)

88 Suburban Churchians (3-3)
83 ’63 Mercury Marauders (2-4)

60 RR Redbeards (2-4)
57 Bradford Gamma Rays (1-5)

It appears the Matt Cassel era has ended already in Minnesota. It wasn’t that Cassel actually looked worse than Christian Ponder; among other things, his interceptions had some pop on them and were thrown downfield rather than on curls and three-yard outs where they are liable to be returned for touchdowns. But he definitely showed that he was unable to create any space for Adrian Peterson to run.

Tom Powers and other Minnesota columnists have speculated that it might be time for a Herschel Walker trade. And if Trent Richardson commanded a first round draft pick, one would think AD would be worth at least three. But that’s not likely to happen due to salary cap considerations that weren’t a problem back in the Walker days.

And, if one looks at the St. Louis Rams, it’s hard to argue that three first round draft picks are going to create some sort of magical difference with a GM who passed on drafting both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson in favor of Christian Ponder at the helm. The Rams collected a nice bounty of draft picks for RGIII, but they’re still 2.5 games behind the Seahawks in the NFC West.