A Magic Broken in audiobook

I am very, very pleased to announce that A MAGIC BROKEN is finally available in audiobook. Narrated by Nick Afka Thomas, it is one hour and 45 minutes long and Amazon is selling it for $6.08. If you would like to hear a sample of it, you can do so at Amazon or download a sample.

Nick is already hard at work recording THE WARDOG’S COIN, and if there proves to be sufficient interest in the audiobooks, afterwards he will begin the yeoman’s task of narrating A THRONE OF BONES.

I’m quite happy with Nick’s work and I was surprised to find that I even prefer his voice to Roy Dotrice’s, the highly regarded narrator of George R.R. Martin’s work. It’s a very different approach, and a more subtle one that I find both less jarring and easier to understand.

If you’re an Audible member, I think you may even be able to download it for free.