Top 10 Game blogs

The quarterly report on the Top 10 Game blogs for the third
quarter of 2013 is now up on Alpha Game. What is most interesting about it is the way it shows
considerable growth across the board, in line with the widespread
expectations that the Androsphere would begin garnering more mainstream
attention this year.

  1. Return of Kings: 19,257 (+23,568)
  2. A Voice for Men 31,452 (new to list)
  3. Roissy: 35,799 (+19,649)

See the rest of the list there. I found two things to be interesting. First was the fact that every single top Game blog significantly increased its Alexa ranking in the third quarter. Second was the observation that the Androsphere’s gamma male critics, who frequently try to claim that no one reads the Game bloggers, happen to have considerably less traffic than the leading Game bloggers do.

This means we can expect more hysteria and more nonsensical attacks on the Androsphere as it becomes increasingly evident that more and more men are breaking their cultural conditioning and coming to terms with at least some aspects of the Game perspective on intersexual relations.

And on a tangential note, I was reminded of a previous question from a reader concerning the apparent dichotomy between my claim of more Google pageviews than McRapey and Whatever’s higher Alexa ranking.

You may recall this McRapey tweet: “All the dudebros who adamantly maintain I don’t get 50K visitors a day are totally right. #HaHaHa” 

It is little ironic, but as it happens, Whatever’s global Alexa ranking is still slightly higher than VP’s despite the US rankings now falling in line with the actual pageview traffic. Despite the big day in August that McRapey cited in a futile attempt to support his wildly exaggerated readership claims, not only has VP surpassed Whatever, but Alpha Game is fast catching up as well.

Alexa Rank in USA
23,846  Vox Popoli
47,018  Whatever
58,514  Alpha Game

Hey, at least he still has the most popular blog in SFWA, right? To say nothing of his Participation Hugo. Anyhow, given the way in which the mainstream media has barely begun to become aware of Game, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alpha Game also passed up Whatever in the USA by this time next year.