The new rules of engagement

This is why it is necessary to punch back twice as hard. This is why
you cannot let the poisonous ones into your social circle. This is why
you cannot employ them. This is why you cannot indulge in conspicuous
tolerance. As Athol Kay has learned, those to whom the personal is the
political and the political is the personal have no decency and know no limits:

in May 2011 Jennifer and I were taken to Human Resources and had a
rather odd conversation in the aftermath of being on Inside Edition.
Apparently we’re dangerously monogamous and offensively heterosexual
enough to have resulted in no less than six calls of complaint to our
employer. Like I said, I always figured I’d be taken to HR, but I really
didn’t expect Jennifer to be dragged into it too. Jennifer does have a
minor PR role for her company, so we do see their point, but even then,
it’s no one’s business but ours.

Thus at the time: Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.

really not too much they can do to us directly, it’s not like you can
be fired for kissing your spouse on TV. But after that point, I start
feeling like the cross-hairs are firmly drawn on my back and I start
getting disciplined at work for things that frankly I don’t think I
would have been spanked for before that point. I.e. I see which way the
wind is blowing, work my ass off and in June 2012 I jump to MMSL

Which brings us to now, or more correctly a couple months back.

gets a message on a Friday, she’s summoned to HR on Monday. Not told
what about. I’m unsure if the intent was to ruin our weekend, but it
seemed to achieve that goal. Considering Jennifer is the quintessential
good employee, it can only be MMSL related and I feel both shitty and
angry. We’re just on the very fine edge of me being able to carry the
two of us on MMSL income alone, so I Captain up and green light her
quitting her job at any point during that meeting.

turns out someone from a state agency funding Jennifer’s employer, has
been printing off a collection of blog posts and anonymously mailing
them to the CEO of her company. So anonymous letter, coming inside a
state agency envelope. HR really has nothing to say to her but, “Ahhh…
this is awkward, but you need to know what’s happening.” It’s also kinda
silly being outed to your employer 2.5 years after you were on national
television. The surprise factor lacks a little.

what it boils down to, is that someone reads this blog, actively
hunting for ways to fuck my wife over… and they are willing to play

Notice that this was directed at the wife of a man who is an atheist from New Zealand and is not exactly a paragon of religious conservative middle America.

It is what the activist Left now does and it is one reason why I will not tolerate their trolls any longer. So let this be a
warning to every troll who comments here: do not say
here you do not wish to become public knowledge with your
personal information attached to it here for everyone to see. For the last two years, even the comments that were spammed and deleted have been saved; there are presently 181,807 comments in the database. I’ve tracked down two trolls in the past, and as it happens, both elected to stop
trolling here after discovering that I knew their real identities.

I didn’t publish their personal information here or send the long
compendium of insults, vulgarities, and obscenities they had spewed to
their friends, families, publishers, and employers. But I could have
easily done so. And now that it is clear that this is how the game is being played, well, those of us who are already accustomed to the public view can certainly ensure that everyone else’s actions are too.