Why there is hope for Europe

And why it is more likely that it is America that will end up experiencing third world status:

As right-wing populists surge across Europe, rattling established political parties with their hostility toward immigration, austerity and the European Union, Mikkel Dencker of the Danish People’s Party has found yet another cause to stir public anger: pork meatballs missing from kindergartens.

A member of Denmark’s Parliament and, he hopes, mayor of this commuter-belt town west of Copenhagen, Mr. Dencker is furious that some day care centers have removed meatballs, a staple of traditional Danish cuisine, from their cafeterias in deference to Islamic dietary rules. No matter that only a handful of kindergartens have actually done so. The missing meatballs, he said, are an example of how “Denmark is losing its identity” under pressure from outsiders.

The issue has become a headache for Mayor Helle Adelborg, whose center-left Social Democratic Party has controlled the town council since the 1920s but now faces an uphill struggle before municipal elections on Nov. 19. “It is very easy to exploit such themes to get votes,” she said. “They take a lot of votes from my party. It is unfair.”

It is also Europe’s new reality. All over, established political forces are losing ground to politicians whom they scorn as fear-mongering populists. In France, according to a recent opinion poll, the far-right National Front has become the country’s most popular party. In other countries — Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland and the Netherlands — disruptive upstart groups are on a roll.

This phenomenon alarms not just national leaders but also officials in Brussels who fear that European Parliament elections next May could substantially tip the balance of power toward nationalists and forces intent on halting or reversing integration within the European Union.

Unless you live in Europe, you probably cannot understand why its long term prospects are actually better than the USA’s. For some reason, probably because they only visit a few of the largest cities, Americans tend to be under the impression that there are far more Muslims in Europe than there are. They also don’t understand that left-wing European intolerance would make the average KKK member look like a multiculturalist.

Remember, both the post-Lenin Soviets and the National Socialists were left-wing parties that were strongly nationalistic. Whereas in the US, nationalism is very weak and only a right-wing phenomenon, in Europe, it spans the political spectrum. Notice that the votes for the “right-wing” nationalists come from Left and Right; in the UK, the BNP draws from Labor whereas UKIP is draining the Tory Party dry. Whereas the rise of the new parties has the mainstream parties visibly terrified, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street remain the object of late-night TV jokes.

There are three primary reasons for the difference in outlook between Europe and the USA. They are as follows:

  1. Parliamentary systems
  2. Trans-ideological nationalism
  3. No popular pro-immigrant mythology

The parliamentary systems are more favorable to third parties. Whereas the Tea Party has gone nowhere and accomplished nothing, several anti-central, anti-globalist parties are on the verge of taking control of their national parliaments. As in the USA, the established parties have allied against them, but that has only bought them a little extra time before being voted out. The American system is much more conducive to effectively barring policies and politicians deemed non-mainstream.

I’ve already explained the trans-ideological nature of European nationalism. A French Communist and a French Gaulist are both French before they are communists or gaulists. And to both of them, a Senegalese individual is still Senegalese and therefore not French, whether he is communist or a Gaulist.

The absence of the mythology of the melting pot is also important. No one in Europe except a few idiot university students genuinely believes in what isn’t true of the USA and has no application in Europe. The EU has turned out to be a fraudulent, corrupt, Germanic empire and most of Europe will celebrate when it inevitably collapses.

Now, I hope both the nations of Europe and the USA will come to their collective senses and cast off the multicultural myths that have Western civilization hurtling towards collapse and conquest. But, on the basis of the political tectonics, at this point, Europe actually, unexpectedly, appears to be in better shape, mostly because far more of them already recognize who their villainous elites are and what they have done.