Advice on a wedding day

Morpheus of Just Four Guys is getting married, so I thought I’d give him a few points of advice:

Congratulations and best wishes to Morpheus and his new bride. As a long-time married man, I thought a few words of advice might not be amiss:

  1. Never hesitate to admit when you are wrong and apologize as soon as you realize that to be the case.
  2. Never admit you are wrong when you believe that you are not. Stand
    your ground in the face of her tears and hold firm in the face of her
    anger. Never appease in the interest of short-term peace.
  3. Learn
    to let things go. In every conflict, there is a point at which there is
    a choice between conflict and conversation. When you choose conflict,
    let your choice be a conscious
    one and not a reaction.

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