Troll Ban: Ann Morgan

Tex wrote: **Notice how he dodges and spins and spews venom like a snake?**

Which is rather much like Vox, spewing obscenity regarding my body parts and making death threats.

As for you, TS, I don’t think that Vox is a very good example of a Christian, neither is Roger a very good example of an atheist. There is no evidence of God, but there are very good reasons to think there is a God (possibly more than one). Among which are that if you believe in evolution, it is absurd, arrogant, and anthropomorphic to think that human beings are the smartest and most powerful things in existence. The existence of something with abilities and intelligence so powerful that it might rightly be called ‘God’ is a very distinct possibility. I find it a bit silly that those who believe in evolution think it somehow stops with our species, planet, or universe. Limited thinking, lol.

However, by the same token, it is also arrogant and anthropomorphic to think that ‘God’ somehow hates exactly the same sorts of behavior that people do. Which would be rather like you hating the same sorts of things a brine shrimp does. If someone’s proposed “God” hates the same people they do, they don’t have a religion, they have a justification. They get to hate people and feel proud of it, rather than ashamed.

Religion, ultimately, is a magnifier. Possibly because of something in human psychology, possibly because a person will attract the sort of spirits that are in accordance with their real nature, regardless of what name they call them by. If a person is good, religion will make them better. If a person is evil and unrepentent, religion will make them worse.

Josh wrote: **You’re a freaking drama queen**

That might very well be, but my being a ‘drama queen’ does not alter the fact that Vox has used obscenity and death threats against me, without my previously using them against him. Nor does it explain why his version of venom spewing is qualitatively any different than Roger’s. Other than your wanting it to be.

Ann Morgan: I don’t think that Vox is a very good example of a Christian …

Stickwick: By what measure do you judge this?

Well, that’s an interesting question. I suppose your standard of measure does make a difference. If a Christian is supposed to try to act like Christ, then Vox is not a very good example of one. On the other hand, if a Christian is supposed to be full of hate, use obscenity, make death threats, and think it perfectly fine to kill 2 year olds if what they call ‘God’ commands it, then Vox would be a very good Christian.

Sigyn wrote: ** Ann demands that Christians behave according the parts
of the Bible she likes, and ignore the parts she doesn’t. She can’t make
up her mind.**

Yet Christians themselves behave according to the
parts of the bible that they like, and ignore the parts they don’t. And
can’t give any good reason why the parts they like and the parts they
ignore are more valid than the different parts that other people like or

And, btw, your insult against me does not change the
validity of my statement that if being a ‘Christian’ means behaving like
Christ, then Vox is not a very good Christian, but if being a Christian
means being full of hate, using obscenity, make death threats, and
think it perfectly fine to kill 2 year olds if what they call ‘God’
commands it, then Vox would be a very good Christian.

I’ve also
noticed that when I say something that people here don’t like, but can’t
disprove, they generally resort to obscenity and various insults
regarding me.

George wrote: **What, if anything, would you accept as proof?**

which, at the least, precludes the possibility of having been created
by present or past human beings, or by nature (however great the odds).
Or simply being written accounts by those who could have been lying or
deluded. As I’ve mentioned before a 3000 year old tablet engraved with
the 10 commandments and made entirely of a pure, stable, transuranic
element would definitely get my attention, as it would eliminate the
possibility of liars, delusion, and present or past human beings.
Although it would include the possibility of time travellers or aliens,
as well as God. Though admittedly, sufficiently powerful time
travellers, aliens, spirits, and other things that can demonstrate that
they can accomplish certain tasks, whatever the means they might use to
do it, would probably be deserving of the name ‘God’, at least in the
terms of the power they wield.

It would also be more impressive
if it were not the case that those who talk loudest about being
‘Christians’ are also those who most often advocate killing, rape,
infanticide, genocide, and spew out obscenities about my speaking out my
vagina. If that is the end result that the practice of their religion
has on them, it doesn’t seem to be very worthwhile.

Beau wrote: **You’re wrong. You can’t differentiate a quote of another
party from an original authored thought. You need to get a refund on
your education. You completely missed I was leveling criticism at that
crass remark. So you morphed it into yet another LOOK At ME…” blah,
blah, blah. No, Ann, you shouldn’t.**

Beau, I’m well aware of
what you wrote and what Pox wrote. And your attempt to evade having to
deal with why VD’s ‘crass retorts’ are any better than Pox’s ‘crass
retorts’ by instead criticizing my grammar has been noted.

MPC wrote: **Ann, I’ve set foot in a church twice in my entire life, and not by
choice, so I’m not what you’d call pious. However, I can say from a
perfectly secular perspective you are observably a stupid, insufferable,
and above all, DULL, annoying cunt.**

 That’s probably preferable to what a lot of people are.

So why did the twat think Vox threatened her life? I must admit I never read her twattle too closely either.

“Me neither, but I always read Vox’s comments and had to follow the dialogue, in which the following transpired:

an apocalyptic scenario, Morgan stated she’d find the smartest gang,
and of course, they’d all be super honored to have her join them because
of her special survival skills (as if nobody else in this world knows)
in finding edible things, to which Vox promptly responded that his gang
would shoot her upon uttering her first sentence.

“His reply was
short, brutal and hilarious, but the threat, like everything in her
reality, was a figment of her delusional, twisted imagination.
Regardless, that didn’t stop her from repeatedly referring to this
imaginary death threat.”