Accounting for the Unaccountable

Does the Rule of Law survive in America circa 2013? What happens when no one is watching the watchers? We’re about to find out, as House Republicans are reportedly getting serious about trying to hold Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for some of his many alleged crimes.

From Reuters: “Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to introduce articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday, in the hopes of removing a cabinet member they say has lied to Congress as well as failed to uphold federal law…. According to an outline, the first article is based on “Operation Fast and Furious” a bungled attempt to build cases against major gun traffickers who supplied firearms to Mexican drug cartels, while electing not to immediately prosecute low-level traffickers even as they bought 2,000 potentially illegal guns.”

Read the rest at Absolute Rights. Also on the topic of the Obama administration, you may be interested in a previous post there concerning Obama’s Strategic Retreat from Obamacare, in which I conclude:

Obama is not backing down. In fact, Republicans would have been much
wiser to force Americans to live with the law imposed upon them by the
incompetent Obama administration; a year of complete chaos in the health
care system, complete with millions of policy cancellations, would have
likely led to a Republican takeover of the Senate and a powerful
majority in the House.

Instead, they have bought Obama another year to work the media and
sell its lies to the American people. By staving off the collapse of
Obamacare, Republicans are helping ensure that they will have to refight
the battle in a year’s time against an enemy who will presumably have
learned a few lessons from the initial failure.