Everyone has been wondering where the anticipated inflation is.  The answer, it appears, is in Chinese bank assets.

Go to Zerohedge to read the whole thing.  But the key bit is this: “In the past five years the total assets on US bank books have risen by a paltry $2.1 trillion while over the same period, Chinese bank assets have exploded by an unprecedented $15.4 trillion hitting a gargantuan CNY147 trillion or an epic $24 trillion – some two and a half times the GDP of China!

 Putting the rate of change in perspective, while the Fed was actively pumping $85 billion per month into US banks for a total of $1 trillion each year, in just the trailing 12 months ended September 30, Chinese bank assets grew by a mind-blowing $3.6 trillion!

This is going to end well. Real well. And here I thought things were bad just looking at the USA, Europe, and Japan.