QUANTUM MORTIS live on Amazon

The first two ebooks in the Quantum Mortis series are now available from Amazon. QUANTUM MORTIS: A Man Disrupted retails for $4.99. If you’re interested in obtaining it in epub format, you should be able to find it at Barnes & Noble or Kobo soon. Otherwise, if you send me an email with a copy of the Amazon receipt, I will send you an epub copy in return. QUANTUM MORTIS: Gravity Kills retails for $2.99 and is available only from Amazon. If you want the epub, send me a copy of the Amazon receipt and I will sent you your favored format. You can also just use Calibre to convert the file since the books are not DRM-protected.

In order to celebrate the introduction of the new Mil-SF mystery series, all three Selenoth novellas, A Magic Broken, The Wardog’s Coin, and The Last Witchking will be free on Amazon for the next two days, beginning tomorrow. So, if you don’t have all of them yet, this would be an excellent chance to complete the set.

And since ACX and Marcher Lord were so gracious as to give me 25 free audiobook download codes for A Magic Broken, I will be giving them away to the first 25 reviewers of either QM:AMD or QM:GK. (NB: this offer includes the early reviewers who received a review copy last week so long as they review the other book.) Send me an email with a link to your review and I will send you the download code.

You’ll need to have an Amazon account to use the code, but since you’ll need one to post a review there, that shouldn’t be a problem. And just to be clear, the free audiobook code is not contingent upon the nature of the review. As always, I encourage honest and serious reviews, I do not seek mindless flattery any more than I approve of witless criticism.

Baen Books author Tom Kratman, who most of you are aware comments here from time to time, provided QM:AMD with a blurb that is featured on the back of the book. He described the book thusly:

“What are we going to do when artificial intelligence becomes self-aware, self-willed, and maybe stark raving mad? The question matters because that day is coming…fast. With approximately as many twists and turns as China’s Tianmen Mountain Road, QUANTUM MORTIS starts fast and then accelerates, leading to a conclusion both shattering…and more than a little heart warming.”
—TOM KRATMAN, author of A Desert Called Peace

As for QUANTUM MORTIS: Gravity Kills, being a pure ebook it has no blurbs, but the first reviewers on Amazon appear to have enjoyed the novella. Keep in mind that the first GK reviewers have not read AMD and vice-versa.

“This story is an effective and entertaining rework of several of my favorite SF and Mystery themes, with a result greater and more original than the sum of its parts. Let’s start with the homeworld, which is also a refuge for a thousand plus governments in exile. To quote Agent K from “Men in Black”, “It’s like Casablanca, but with no Nazis”. Like “Casablanca” and “Men in Black”, but unlike that prize turkey, “Barb Wire”, the authors make this trope a proper background to the story itself…. The result, shaken not stirred, is an entertaining story, which combines the best aspects of hard SF and ‘Tec novels. The best thing, though, is that this world shows the possibility of many more such stories. I am looking forward to them.”